Dark Side Legion Bahiya Leia


name: Dark Side Legion Bahiya Leia

breed: australian kelpie

sex: female

breeding: breeding bitch

nr.: SPKP 25/18

chip: 941000016072661

date of birth: 16.09.2015

owner: in our kennel, Peter Neumann (SVK)

parents: s: Kip Doakimo Dog x d: Ebony Blue Asocjacja

offsprings: LITTER "C"

color: chocolate

eye: light

height:  47 cm

weight:  13 kg

health: HD A/A, ED 0/0, heart clear (3/2018) eyes clear (04/2017), spondylosis free (04/2017), full dental, scissor bite, blood test - all values in norm (6/2017)


exams: A1, A2, A3, SOP

successes: 1st place and Master agility LA3 Specific race Sedlec 2019, CSI 2018: LA2 1/38, LJ2 7/37 SUM 1st place, LA1 1/28, LJ1 1/27 SUM 1st place, FINAL RUN 5th place, LOTW V. '18 9th/98, LOTW IV. '18 5th/70, Hviezdne Derby 2016 - cat. puppy 1st a 2nd place, Hry RSDC 2nd place cat. puppy, Hafíkovanie 2017 - cat. beginners 1st place, Hry RSDC - 3rd place

activities: agility, canicross, skijoring




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